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Assisted, Skilled, Memory, and Post-Acute Care

Pharmacy Care Custom-Tailored to Your Facility and Residents

FourSquare Pharmacy is local and owner operated by graduates of University of Colorado passionate about improving pharmacy participation and collaboration in patient care solutions.

Facilities approach medication management differently for a variety of reasons. At FourSquare Pharmacy, we embrace your individuality, focus on ease of communication, and tailor a pharmacy service plan to your facility. We take time to align how your facility stores, administers and maintains medications with our pharmacy service.

Personal, Exceptional, Comprehensive Service
Noteworthy Customer Service
  • Experienced owner | operators dedicated to the success of their team and yours.

  • During business hours, our phone is answered by a human being, not a robot. An experienced pharmacy team member answers calls. No phone trees, no shuffling off to voice mail. We answer our phones and address your questions or requests.

Responsive Communication
  • Our team responds clearly, directly, and kindly to client needs and questions.

  • Our standard is to service client needs at the time of initial inquiry. You can count on us to hear you and follow through.

Reliable Dispensing
  • Multiple verification points are included in our quality assurance process, we provide consistent accurate dispensing you can trust.

Timely Delivery
  • Having the right medication on-site, at the right time, to dispense to each resident, every time, requires a partnership and accountability with both our organizations. We establish standard and STAT delivery protocols together with you. We are available to train RNs, LPNs, and QMAPs. You can count on us to perform to standards established with you!

Connected Technology
  • Multiple E-Mar Interfaces are available. Contact our pharmacy to discuss connecting electronically with us.

Cost Management
  • Being a trusted pharmacy partner includes assisting our clients to reduce expenditures while maintaining quality care. Together, costs can be managed. Count on us to partner with you as well as your residents.

Current Compliance
  • Clinical and Regulatory Expertise

  • Consultant Pharmacist Program

Pharmacy Transition
  • We are experienced and provide skilled resources to facilitate the transition process. We invest in establishing partnership trust from the start by making the transition to our pharmacy as seamless as possible for your organization. A trained liaison is available to be on-site partnering with you and facilitating efforts with pharmacy. A pharmacist is directly available to you to address questions immediately. Ease of communication is key and what you will experience with us from the start.

Continual Quality Assurance Client Care
  • Continual quality assurance client care is spearheaded by our pharmacist owner with more than 18 years LTC pharmacy executive leadership experience and a dedicated account liaison. Your liaison performs various quality assurance practices with you throughout the year, a difference you will appreciate. Additionally our full pharmacy team cares, is pleasant to work with, and follows through with commitments made to you. 

Practical Education
  • Our education sessions are designed for effectiveness in real circumstances and are able to be tailored to incorporate your organization's way of doing business where appropriate.

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